New music – LINN

Free- LINN

New music Free- LINN

Virtual reality
Waiting for the rain
Cover version of Remember us this way- Lady Gaga

New music -hope you like it


Weekend mornings are so great I think. So I got up just after dawn and went on a walk with Henry the pup (he is a bit bigger now so he can actually go for a long walk). Realized that our calming morning walk was being thought of to a lot of others as well … Fortsätt läsa Mornings

Going Vegan

I decided a while back to go vegan for a while to try it out. After being off and on vegetarian for ever and being total vegetarian for years I decided to try it out. So being totally plant based is almost like traveling so far, I love it. It’s all these new foods and … Fortsätt läsa Going Vegan

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