Spent the day driving to beaches, so nice weather out here in Sweden so we decided to go to the beach, we realized we were running a bit late, so we had to get going, so instead we went for an evening swim, I was only swimming the toes. We found a new great beach it was super nice.

Started to record videos to be able to make more of music videos to mu music, so I was recording a few ideas I had today. So then it’s more like a video rather than just pictures put together as I done the videos so far. It’s great, really like the idea of making more things like that.

So yeah found lots of new bush walking places as well with the new beach. So we might be going there, heard there is like massive heatwave coming for a week. So we might be just in the apartment as well if it’s intense and be out in the evenings. Well see.

So yeah looking forward to exploring that place and making more like video videos.

super Saturday

Spent the day trying to get out a bit to a beach for recording a video I have in mind for a new song I am writing. I started to write it years ago so I had a good idea about how I want the chorus to sound like, so it’s a bit of work writing the lyrics and getting it all recorded it’s super great with that home studio program so there is going to be a little teaser out at my instagram kind of soon.

Midsummer went very smooth, spent the day #athome trying to get to it with continuing to write and get the story together. I really need a bit of flow towards that I can say. Guess it comes when the time is right. So I’m focusing at what comes smoothly so I started to record my new song instead of wasting time waiting for getting into it with my writing again. Really need to clean up the house… So I guess there is things to do around here anyway.

So yeah, having a great weekend while trying to get to it

Kiss a frog

Getting towards midsummer here in Sweden, Friday, that’s a special time for the year being in Sweden. I personally think it’s just great with summer and it’s so pretty with all flowers and blossoms everywhere, I guess as in any country when in full bloom. But midsummer in Sweden is supposed to be great.

So the tradition is kind of special here in Sweden for midsummer, a thing being that it’s almost daylight for 24 hours up in the north, it’s also about strawberry deserts and dancing around a flower pole, and gather in general. It’s also a tradition to get seven different flowers and to have them under the pillow, then you should be dreaming about your becoming prince charming. Hopefully that works since I thought about getting one. (already tried to kiss a frog…)

For us, we rarely do the traditional midsummer thing, we might be going for a barbecue at the beach or something instead if weather allows. Today it’s been raining but was a bit nicer from the afternoon until the evening (witch was great since I needed to clean out the patio area, so that’s all up to standards now).

So I guess trying to figure out what to do for midsummer here in Stockholm this year, avoiding traffic jams and people in general for sure and maybe a guitar session with barbecue by the beach seems like a really good alternative and have to remember to grab seven sorts of flowers for sure to see if that works.


Trying to get things squared away writing… Today it was so nice weather out here in Stockholm so we decided to get hiking in the bush. It was super nice. Then we went for a little day out in the archipelago. Thought about getting away hiking, like super hiking up north in Sweden for holiday. So we may check that out to figure out if it’s doable at all for us. Seem like a good idea so far. I’d love to anyway.

Had promo with my music at instagram super fun to get a bit more seen I guess. All inspiring to get more music recorded and also figure out how to make more digital music from loops and things like that. So the music seem to come to me a bit easier at the moment, so I better ride the wave while it’s here.

So just getting to it with trying to write a bit, nightshift might get things going again

Music – waiting for the rain

I started to write this song -waiting for the rain- ages ago, that I just brushed off and completed a bit more and recorded. It’s I guess about many things, I think mainly about choosing own paths and walking own ways – kind of choosing who to be I guess and choosing to be nice and a good friend. I really like this song, it’s posted at my instagram with a video to go @l_helgaasen and I’m thinking about grabbing promo to get it out there a bit more.v I really like this song and I hope you enjoy it as well

Waiting for the rain


Today I spent the day helping a friend getting some items delivered, then going for a nice hiking walk in the bush. It’s like ultra bush where we sometimes go, we saw footprints from wild boar, elks, all sorts of weird prints. I have to say I love walking in the bush but maybe prefer the concrete at times…

Been working my thoughts around a song that I am trying to write, I kind of have the concept and the idea so clear, I just need to figure out how to make it happen so that’s at the top of my priority list at the moment

Just now I am continuing recording a song I started to write years from now. In a way it’s so well fitting with some of those songs I was working on back then, since it’s pieces just coming together in modern times. As well as I have been getting in directions I can see how the music is doing so as well from then to now, it’s like a road. I like dusting those songs off and bringing them back on the table, since I kind of have been through it all after things I was writing about back then, I now know how the solution and the story went, so it’s kind of a solution project with those songs. like having the keys now- to what I wondered back then. The hindsight.

So I guess I better be getting to it


So nice weather here in Stockholm. We drove a bit to see horses and went for a walk by the sea looking at boats. Amazing.

Other than that I am trying to do a little detox and get in a bit of better habits I guess. Catching up with all tv shows I barely knew I was watching… So a bit of tv I’d say… Trying to get into it with writing… and trying to just be kind to myself even though it seems like I wasted a bit of time, but I think it’s working myself to a better writing position in time, so hopefully it works out.

Music wise I am so happy to have found the recording program, getting into it at times, have been working on a song I was writing years from now and I think it can work out great. Hopefully it sounds great as well 🙂

So all up for a new week