Today I spent the day helping a friend getting some items delivered, then going for a nice hiking walk in the bush. It’s like ultra bush where we sometimes go, we saw footprints from wild boar, elks, all sorts of weird prints. I have to say I love walking in the bush but maybe prefer the concrete at times…

Been working my thoughts around a song that I am trying to write, I kind of have the concept and the idea so clear, I just need to figure out how to make it happen so that’s at the top of my priority list at the moment

Just now I am continuing recording a song I started to write years from now. In a way it’s so well fitting with some of those songs I was working on back then, since it’s pieces just coming together in modern times. As well as I have been getting in directions I can see how the music is doing so as well from then to now, it’s like a road. I like dusting those songs off and bringing them back on the table, since I kind of have been through it all after things I was writing about back then, I now know how the solution and the story went, so it’s kind of a solution project with those songs. like having the keys now- to what I wondered back then. The hindsight.

So I guess I better be getting to it


So nice weather here in Stockholm. We drove a bit to see horses and went for a walk by the sea looking at boats. Amazing.

Other than that I am trying to do a little detox and get in a bit of better habits I guess. Catching up with all tv shows I barely knew I was watching… So a bit of tv I’d say… Trying to get into it with writing… and trying to just be kind to myself even though it seems like I wasted a bit of time, but I think it’s working myself to a better writing position in time, so hopefully it works out.

Music wise I am so happy to have found the recording program, getting into it at times, have been working on a song I was writing years from now and I think it can work out great. Hopefully it sounds great as well 🙂

So all up for a new week


Enjoying the weekend as much as we can, rain, rain, rain, here in Stockholm. Kind of refreshing though, even went for a long walk around. So just been catching up with teve shows and trying to record a new version of a song I was writing years and years ago. I had promo with instagram with my music so thought I should be more on top of it with posting new music as well. Really happy with the lady gaga Cover version of remember us this way that I recorded, so better make a bit more and continue to figure out the recording program

In total need of a bit of flow to writing my stories at the moment. Gosh gosh gosh. So I have continued to write the story after since it seem to come a bit easier to me.

So mostly just trying to clean the flat a bit, getting into detox, netfixing, tv shows, hanging out, recording music, trying to write, having a great time too; I love weekends


Feels amazing with the weekend coming. Have so many things that I want to do. Seems as such waste of time, but have to start with just getting the things going and clean the house though. Super… Although I have to say I clean the flat much better in the mornings. So I guess it’s just to pick up the bits and pieces and get started. Looking forward to nice flat though I have to say

Hopefully there is nice enough weather in the weekend to maybe get for a day out by the sea or something as well. Thought about getting a boat for the summer.

Other than that trying to make room for a detox cure for a while since we are kind of in self isolation as much as we can, so it’s a great time to maybe do a bit of things like that. Maybe even be able to squeeze in the bikini if getting into it diet wise as well, that would be amazing. Thought about how safe it would be to go swimming in the summer in the corona perspective. Have to check if there is anything written about that.

So yeah, the weekend getting started while I am waiting for the flow to come my way


Found a great way to record music, just have to figure out the program a bit more to make it sound even better, so that might be a bit of a start to a long since dream about a home studio for recording music. I just tested it out with a cover version of Lady gaga’s – remember us this way. Love that song, think it’s great. My version might need a bit more work to it but I am happy to figure out the studio program so it gets me going forward.

So a home studio is something I think I been dreaming of since like for ever. And the time and everything else needed to actually sit down and just do the things one want and one need to do. In this, I am so happy to have just that at the moment. So with the recording opportunities found, I am even more happy to get towards the sumer holidays to get into it a bit more, with my own music

Other than that writing is on the top of my list at the moment, I really have to put all my efforts and energy towards it to get it going. I just have to make it happen. The pressure from myself is tremendous I have to say. I am really up for a celebration after that scrip is good to go, I got to say. Sometimes the road towards the goal is more of the goal. With this script it’s been more like every letter have been the goal. Really need a bit of flow to get it going again

Swedish weather been amazing, about the Corona situation; hardly reading the news nowadays, the town is kind of as normal, a bit more room in the shops maybe but in general everything seems fine. We are in isolation maybe but it’s just as we would normally be, a bit unsocial I guess.

So it seems like a great sumer is on the way and hopefully we have lots of time to enjoy it


So nice weather here in Sweden, it feels a bit like summer, or is maybe summer, what’s the definition of summer actually? So summer just came along with all flowers and things it seems, since we were so isolated during spring we just noticed, so it’s great with enjoying the balcony anyway and warm weather just being at home

The Swedish restrictions are most the same I think, or was there really any? Although it’s fine to drive about a couple of hours from your location now days, (I had missed that rule), but we been at home most of the time anyway, it seems a lot more eased in general, maybe people just want to enjoy their ways and doings, preferably.

I was checking for getting away, we usually go traveling a bit, and there seemed to be opportunities to get away for a holiday even. Although I think there is advised to be in the current location for the sumer, and does countries even let people in? I heard it was isolation for like a while. Anyway even though I am so eager to get away for a holiday I think we better spend it here in Sweden this year. I thought about getting a boat to have something great to do around here. So we have to wait and see what we do I think. At the moment I am happy just being #athome trying to get to it with my new script, o my gosh, I been a bit stuck with it hopefully it smoothes soon. I was getting used to writing almost everyday, then I needed to get a new computer and got out of the habit a bit, so it’s pure hard work to get back with it as routine just now. I can honestly say it’s only pure hard work and stubbornness that is setting this script, if getting to that line where it all comes to that edge. All good to go. Labour of love I guess.


The week started with really nice weather here in Stockholm Sweden, been catching up with things I guess and getting back to routine a bit lately. I have to clean the flat, again, it just keeps going. Great. A bit of a waste of time maybe. But I really like perfect so I have to step it up I guess. So there is defiantly room for improvement at the moment, I feel that isolation has been great in so many ways although maybe the perfect aspect needs a bit more tension. But then again what is perfect? I used to have perfect nails and perfect hair and perfect things to do and for sure I have to say things are perfect now as well, maybe even better, just in a more real direction maybe. I have things to do and I am super happy to have the time for doing things during isolation. And perfect beauty- might be new trends coming with the Corona isolations. I mean hairextentions might seem a bit fake without reason when being in the flat for weeks and weeks. So yeah there might be a new definition of perfect here.

Anyhow, I am super happy to see the sumer coming our way and I am looking forward to stepping things up and getting things a bit more perfect in my way as well.

Trying to write

Just hangin out here in the flat apartment trying to write and trying to clean up the flat and trying this and that and trying to get things done. Seems like wasting time though. Decided to go with the flow and have some days in isolation again to make things happen a bit more and concentrate to get my new book manuscript all good to go. At the moment just mostly dreaming away though. For sure it’s a party for when this manuscript is all set I have to say only pure donkey will and stubbornness, and hard work, has gotten it written so far. So much resistance, I am so curious to how it got on that tone. Really wonder. Since the script after has started and is getting forward a lot smoother.

Anyway. There is a new day rising out my window, hopefully a really nice one. So I better get the curtains overlapping and try to get to work again. #coronajetlag #flexibleschedule #itsonlyhours