Today I started to paint the floors in the flat, I been waiting and waiting and just somehow had a bit of spare energy so it happened. Very good choice I have to say. There is a total other feel when getting in to the room, it’s now white shiny floors, painted wood. So it really brought the feel of light coming in to the room. I was thinking to use the room for more creative purposes and need it to be very light and making the most of daylight and kind of neutral. So I decided to go for white notes, so it’s whites and light blushes, also a bit of brass and chromes, a bit of everything really and a beige sofa. So it should work for us with being a creative room as well as a bigger dining table and also just hanging out in the sofa with tv, kind of room. So the idea is kind of blush whites boosting daylight to get the most out of it and bringing in creativity, as much as possible. I am usually most creative during the day when it’s daylight so I hope it works.

While doing that we also got in to it with painting a bit of antique style furnitures to bring them back to business hahahaha. I really like mixing new and antiques and moderns and just enjoying everything around me. I think it brings good energies to a room if there is only things one choose and like. So maybe I post some pictures when it comes together.

So yeah, just tucked in infront of the tv, now figuring out what I need to know about home studio equipment to be able to gear up and get things going a bit more in the direction I want to music wise after the day spent painting.

We shall see if there is a bit of time to get something uploaded soon, hopefully.

new week

Today we decided to go grab tiles or mosaic bits to make a tabletop for an antique table. There were so many really nice ones but it was with delivery for like weeks, so indecisive being me, I decided to wait. So great to go shopping with me sometimes, it’s a real bargin, since I sometimes am so indecisive so I just got to wait with doing the actual shopping, super great for the finances though.

So getting inspiration to make some antique style furniture a bit more matchy machy with the feel I want in the flat, trying to make it a bit nicer.

So I guess the week coming should be pretty busy with mostly normal things like that and hopefully a bit of time spent at the beaches as well if the weather allows

Weekend again

Weekends are magic in my opinion. Even though we been having like a long weekend for like months it seems to be a special feeling with weekends. trying to get to it with some things this weekend as usual I guess. Should really be writing more, and I should really do this and that and I guess it’s a bit of time wasted on random existing things. So I have even been working a little bit lately. OMG. it was great. So I guess things somehow have became a bit more normal through it all with this isolation spring.

Normally we would have been in England I think and I was just reading that there is a quarantine for Swedish people. So I guess we are staying in Sweden throughout the summer. It’s been nice weather a bit of rain as well so it seems great, and with a bit of time to waste the beaches are awesome. So we are kind of super happy anyway.

Tomorrow it’s forth of July obviously, and we decided to go for a barbecue so hopefully it’s a bit more sunny then.

So yeah over all it seem like this town is back to normal again and enjoying the weekend with us to the most.

Cats Wedding

Today we had been waiting for for a while, daughter had decided to have a cats wedding with her friends invited. So after shopping for the party we decorated the patio and had our cats out to get married. They seemed super happy and everybody had a really good time.

It’s been normal weather here in Stockholm, a bit of rain and kind of what to be more expected during a normal Swedish summer. It’s been like Mediterranean weather so it’s nice with a bit more rain making us feel a bit more at home

So yeah we all had a great day I think and the newly wed cats are super spoiled and really happy as well


Spent the day driving to beaches, so nice weather out here in Sweden so we decided to go to the beach, we realized we were running a bit late, so we had to get going, so instead we went for an evening swim, I was only swimming the toes. We found a new great beach it was super nice.

Started to record videos to be able to make more of music videos to mu music, so I was recording a few ideas I had today. So then it’s more like a video rather than just pictures put together as I done the videos so far. It’s great, really like the idea of making more things like that.

So yeah found lots of new bush walking places as well with the new beach. So we might be going there, heard there is like massive heatwave coming for a week. So we might be just in the apartment as well if it’s intense and be out in the evenings. Well see.

So yeah looking forward to exploring that place and making more like video videos.

super Saturday

Spent the day trying to get out a bit to a beach for recording a video I have in mind for a new song I am writing. I started to write it years ago so I had a good idea about how I want the chorus to sound like, so it’s a bit of work writing the lyrics and getting it all recorded it’s super great with that home studio program so there is going to be a little teaser out at my instagram kind of soon.

Midsummer went very smooth, spent the day #athome trying to get to it with continuing to write and get the story together. I really need a bit of flow towards that I can say. Guess it comes when the time is right. So I’m focusing at what comes smoothly so I started to record my new song instead of wasting time waiting for getting into it with my writing again. Really need to clean up the house… So I guess there is things to do around here anyway.

So yeah, having a great weekend while trying to get to it