New Years resolutions

A decade of being

The year started perfect, there could have been a kiss, there could have been champagne, there could have been a sparkling superdress, but I have to say; it was perfect. Found this day somewhere in between the ends and the beginnings by feeling kind of like being something similar to a blank page to be filled

So first day of the year today and I am figuring out how to spend it most sufficiently. Wasting no time was the subject to be specific. So we have a decade to fill with everything we love and want to do, that’s great, how grateful we all should be for just that, it’s like having a big box to fill with all things that makes us happy, we are so lucky to be here in that way, without even reflecting over things like that very often

So making the most of the year and the decade and for ever and make the most of any opportunities there to be found in the way, I guess. Resolutions or just trying to make room for Me in this place that is commonly known as our home seems to be the thing to do

So I guess it’s somehow a new world to wake up to today, the world of 2020 and I am looking forward to look forward and fill a full decade with joy and have a continues Happy new year


After the summer it’s been nice to be back a bit more to routine I think. Been doing the jetlag timezone for a while and feels refreshing to be more adjusted to it all. Although I have to say it’s supervise with weekends again. Although having like weekend all the time was super great, it’ a bit of contrast to it with real weekends again, I love it.

So i am looking forward to a new week trying to getting the script altogether, and good to go. Decided to be ultra good with deleting and fixing the text this time around, hopefully it makes a differens, although the feel is honestly just to post it straightaway. But I am trying to do better.

Feels great with the weather coming, I was sitting at the back of the car trying to write yesterday looking out at the sea, waiting for the windy seas to sweep up over the rocks and rain rain rain and sit in the back of the car all cuddled up with a warming drink and writing my stories. So that’s a bit how I pictured myself from when I was little was well, I used to think of myself at the top of a light house far far out at sea at a rocky island. Storming seas sweating over the rocks splashing over the island and in the lighthouse with candles I was sitting writing my stories. So maybe there is a bit of autumn storms coming so I can try it out for real a bit.

Other than that trying to be up for a new week with lots of energy and trying to be positive and get myself up a few steps refueling during the weekend, hopefully it works and lasts for the week since it’s a lot of energy needed at the moment it seems. But we have an exciting weekend coming so I am looking forward to this week and I am super eager to get away to sit at the back of the car by the sea writing waiting for the autumn storms so that’s how I am going to spend most of the week I think.

So i am feeling great for a new week coming.

New music – Free

Free -LINN

I had an idea for a song letting things out a bit (my neighbors might have thought something else since I tend to record at the nightshift ). So it’s kind of about choosing who we want to be. So I guess it’s about free choices feeling good with who we chose to be, and freeing the inner us somehow, as a feeling. BE dreaming away, almost like traveling. Anyway I really hope you like it.


Since transformed the back of the car into an writers den I seem to have been getting a bit more done, so that was a really good trick. I been driving to nice places trying to get into it all with a nice view, so been by the sea most of the time looking at the boats floating away.

New music coming soon !!!!!!

Been recording a bit more music that should be good to post pretty soon, so that to come, as well thought about getting into it a bit more with the more production, to advance with the home studio and make it more pro. So that is an aim I think. But then again it’s a bit of a project and maybe the leads and cables are a bit out of my sphere somehow but I would like to be able to let it all sound just the way I want so I guess it’s about knowledge getting there, but what I would really like to get into is more of the real music scene so that is something I would want to explore more, especially after the corona with more live music. But then again there might be a good time to find gaps in the market and create new scenes and ways to be in the music scene, that is new pop up branches kind of, instead of the live gigs, (but then again the music industry might be up and running soon anyway with gigs and everything to go, that would be awesome ) But with a bit of fantasy there might be opportunities for good ideas I’m thinking and trying to find new ways

So I better get to it recording away anyway so that there is good base material for it to develop somehow

I love Yellow

Today I spent most of the day writing away after a nightshift trying to recording a bit of music. Had made a writers den with folded seats in the backtrunk so it works great to sit back there tucked in and writing away a bit out of the way from it all.

Have to be back with getting the vocals to the new song since it was the nightshift with neighbors so it’s just the vocals to be recorded then good to go looking forward to see how it turns out, I decided to try out a new concept of mine with instagram friendly version of songs that is more compact so more of compressed versions of the songs too it’s a bit easier to listen to while at instagram, so excited to see the respons

Daughter was setting up a nail salon for the kids around the hood so I was the test costumer to start it all and it was great, so with canary yellow nails now I am ready for the nightshift again. Love it.

Been a while

Today I been trying to catch up with everything for the new week coming. Last week was very busy but super great, feels great to be back again after the summer I even made room for a writers den in the back of the car to be able to sit and write anywhere. So that was a great idea for getting a bit out of the way to be able to get into it a bit more.

Also got into it at the night shift (!) making more music, great that creativity comes at any time, works super with my schedule as well. hahahaha. So I recorded a song I been waiting to get the feel for, for a while, and it’s almost good to go, have to do the vocals better at the day time since we have neighbours and it’s a really nice to be able to just freely let it out, vocal wise, sometimes without thinking about the neighbors so I save that for a day. It should be posted here and at instagram and soundcloud kind of soon.

Other than that mostly looking forward to a new week starting again.

Camera day

Trying to be creative throughout with everything back to business after the summer, and maybe I been getting my projects up and running enough to get them going, hopefully, and I am putting more time towards that so I am trying to keep up.

To make better music videos I got a camera that I am figuring out how to use so that’s great, and it’s also great to just get a microphone to it for when recording live music or unplugged music. So that I am really looking forward to getting into with time. Also trying to build up the stories for my music videos that I want to make so it’s a bit from demo to more pro. That goes through to the actual music, so I am trying to expand the home studio in that same direction. So that is something I am prioritizing.

I was completing the the second story in my trilogy ‘unifying species’ it’s a bit more work to cut and paste all the chapters in order and so to make it all good to go, but the story is pretty much good to go as it goes. So that is something I am super happy about.

That said I decided to bush up the first script in the serie to make it fit better and also starting to write more frequently towards the script after. So I am super exited about that.

So it seems like I have gotten a lot of things to spend my time doing, and I am so looking forward to make it happen.


Started the day with writing out at the balcony, the best thing ever moving the bedroom out at the balcony hopefully it works with warming it up a bit longer after the summer aswell. Gets the creativity going for me.

Making more of the homestudio I decided to go for a bit more equipment to make it more pro sounding, hopefully. So yesterday I was testing pianos and starting to figure things out a bit more towards that.

Other than that I decided to go total Vegan for a while testing it out, doing vegetarian off and on for ages but I decided to go for the hardcore Vegan if works for me. So I am looking forward to Explore that a bit.

Also getting to it trying to figure out how we are going to do things for the after summertimes. Getting to sollutions that may work for us structuring things up a bit more. Guess wll be back with that subject, for now I am just enjoying the summer for as long as possible.


Spent the day trying to be productive enaugh to make things happen, so I starten the day with writing then Recording a new song should be posted kind of soon. Continued with wasting a bit of time clearing the flat, very well needed i have to say.

And just now it’s super late night again, and i’ll try and get a bit more writing done. It would be great to have a bit more completed for when all schools and things gets going again so it’s busy days here in Helgaasen castle nowadays.