Spent the day trying to be productive enaugh to make things happen, so I starten the day with writing then Recording a new song should be posted kind of soon. Continued with wasting a bit of time clearing the flat, very well needed i have to say.

And just now it’s super late night again, and i’ll try and get a bit more writing done. It would be great to have a bit more completed for when all schools and things gets going again so it’s busy days here in Helgaasen castle nowadays.


This day I spent the morning writing away, really getting there with the new script and I am so, so eager to find out how the plot comes together hahahaha. With that being said haven’t had any time to waste lately cleaning the flat so that’s probably to be prioritized a bit more after the script is good to go.

Soon the balcony room needs a bit more warmth during the night’s, it was such a great idea to make it as a writing den and it was just what I needed to get things going in the right directions.

Have a bit more music to record in my mind that I am sooooo looking forward to having enough time to do more of that. Started to write a new one yesterday and I am aiming for it to be completed sometime soon. So the creative bits of me are running wild a bit at the moment, that I am very happy for.

So while searching the housing markets to get inspired, I just dream away to the beach most of the time I guess hahahahaha. I just find it so endearing and nice walking along the beaches preferably in Southend, figuring out how the story goes and comes together. Cant wait to get there soon again.


Spending a bit of the day out at the balcony, it’s raining raining raining. So nice to be all tucked in with blankets and pillows listening to the rain outage windows.

Trying to get to it with the script and continue to get it all good to go. So a bit more work with that to go for the weekend. I am sooooooo looking forward to just be able to set it straight and be all set with it I have to say. So yeah hoping for a bit more rain to come for the weekend since it’s so cosy being out at the balcony writing when it’s raining, perfect place to be.

Balcony stories III

The balcony project continues, bringing me a bit of joy and a good mixture of being indoors and outdoors. The summer nights are warm enough to be very comfy so it’s great, it’s very inspiring to have the world flowing by outdoors from the balcony in a more abstract way than indoors. and at night it’s very nice with the lights and all tucked in.

Today I been up since dawn I think writing and just enjoying the balcony, it’s great with those hours before the sunlight gets strong so I try to make as much writing done as I can during those hours. I feel so fresh in mind as well just in the mornings so I really like to write and be creative at that time of the day, maybe it’s like a clearer channel within somehow, refreshed after the night. So yeah I really like mornings.

The manuscript is getting there, really looking forward to that, and I am inspired to get going with the story after, so that’s kind of getting me through it right now. It’s just mostly just hours spent to ‘bank in the time’ and editing and make it work in the story lines. So most of my rather wildly imaginations are waiting to edit this until ‘good to go’ and to get more wild again when writing the story after. So that is something I really looking forward to.

So yeah, seem like it’s becoming a rainy morning here in Stockholm, that’s great, since I can spend more time at the balcony then in normal warmth. So yeah better get to it and get that script all squared away.


Spending most of the day out at the balcony trying to get my new manuscript all set and good to go, while waiting for the rain. It’s so nice to have the bedroom /writers den out at the balcony and I been waiting and waiting.

And today, it started to rain. Amazing. So I have pictured myself sitting at the top of a lighthouse writing my books since I was a child, with the sea storming and the super rain outside. And it was a bit closer to that while I was sitting all tucked in with blankets and pillows and the rain outside all the windows.

So the writers den was a great idea and I have to figure out a way to insulate it a bit for after the summer to keep it warm year round, but at this moment I am just enjoying the presence and writing away and waiting for the rain to start again


The morning was starting amazing, so nice to wake up out at the balcony with the sunlight, was getting me straight into writing, and that’s great since my new manuscript should really be good to go ASAP. So here I am, tucked in at the balcony writing away about dragons and all sorts of si-fi inspired things at my very real balcony. Very imaginative I guess hahahaha.

Thought to continue the music project and get some material coming soon as well. you can also find my music at soundcloud / helgaasen and at my instagram @l_helgaasen. Thought about branding my music a bit clearer with my name straight up, LINN. thought it sounded kind of catchy and is maybe more noticeable. (It’s also the name of a drum machine from the 80’s and sample production as well I think). For me, I guess it’s just mostly being just me that I relate to with the name. LINN.

Balcony stories II

After spending the night at the balcony, (that’s glassed in more like a sunroom or conservatory) (I have to say it was amazing) I been writing and writing away almost all day.

It’s a bit like being out under the stars and very inspiring and light. So being a bit out of the way from all general flow in the flat seem to be the thing to make it happen.

So I have started the editing and just getting the story follow the lines throughout and it’s a bit of work to make the story work and a bit more to make it come to that edge, ‘…. happily ever after.’ But it’s on the way and getting there.

I was also day dreaming away to Southend where we probably would get away to a normal summer. So we look forward to getting there at a point for sure after this travel regulations are done and it feels safe to travel again. I thought about driving there though so that’s a maybe.

At the moment we enjoy the Swedish archipelago as much as possible and I am so happy to have figured out a way to get myself a writers den out at the balcony.

Balcony stories

Today I have spent the most of the day getting my balcony made in to a summer bedroom. Or a working room where I can concentrate a bit out of the way. It’s a big balcony that’s glassed in so it’s a bit like a greenhouse feel or a conservatory. Since it’s summer here in Stockholm it’s very warm and cosy. So being a bit in need of a spare room or a writers den where I can sit and write my stories and my book manuscript that I am writing at the moment I needed somewhere a bit out of the way.

So I made the balcony in to a summer bedroom. Super great. I am just tucked in good to get writing away with the night setting in in my new writing hub. I adore it. Waiting for the rain I guess for even more of a wow factor.