The morning was starting amazing, so nice to wake up out at the balcony with the sunlight, was getting me straight into writing, and that’s great since my new manuscript should really be good to go ASAP. So here I am, tucked in at the balcony writing away about dragons and all sorts of si-fi inspired things at my very real balcony. Very imaginative I guess hahahaha.

Thought to continue the music project and get some material coming soon as well. you can also find my music at soundcloud / helgaasen and at my instagram @l_helgaasen. Thought about branding my music a bit clearer with my name straight up, LINN. thought it sounded kind of catchy and is maybe more noticeable. (It’s also the name of a drum machine from the 80’s and sample production as well I think). For me, I guess it’s just mostly being just me that I relate to with the name. LINN.


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