Balcony stories II

After spending the night at the balcony, (that’s glassed in more like a sunroom or conservatory) (I have to say it was amazing) I been writing and writing away almost all day.

It’s a bit like being out under the stars and very inspiring and light. So being a bit out of the way from all general flow in the flat seem to be the thing to make it happen.

So I have started the editing and just getting the story follow the lines throughout and it’s a bit of work to make the story work and a bit more to make it come to that edge, ‘…. happily ever after.’ But it’s on the way and getting there.

I was also day dreaming away to Southend where we probably would get away to a normal summer. So we look forward to getting there at a point for sure after this travel regulations are done and it feels safe to travel again. I thought about driving there though so that’s a maybe.

At the moment we enjoy the Swedish archipelago as much as possible and I am so happy to have figured out a way to get myself a writers den out at the balcony.


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