trying to get a bit more situated here in the flat, painting the floor and moving furnitures. Realized there I so many nice furnitures at the moment so I could really do with more rooms in the flat just for that hahahaha.

Today I been mostly just doing this and that around the flat. Continued to write a bit of music, realized I needed to record in a place where other sounds are a bit out of the way. So I started to just scetch the tunes I wanted to record saved for a more calm day I guess. So I realized it’s a good idea to have a bit of ideas coming to get things posted kind of frequently.

Then I started to try to write a bit and get things in order with the script. It’s really so near a total story and being all good to go, but really so much work to arrange all the bits to make the story work, I just have to sit down and super concentrate for some weeks I think. With the main thing being just that, super concentrate.

So just realized the flat is rather calm at the mo so I should really try to get in to it again and continue to write


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