After the Swecation we mostly been at home cleaning the flat. We had bought a bit new furnitures and painting the floor, well half of the floor… So it needs to be completed and a bit more arranging to do. Thought about how to get pictures up at the walls, there is like super concrete in many of the walls, so it’s kind of a projekt to figure it out even. I realized we could get like long metal sticks or net or something to just hang things from rather than just make a lot of hangers, so just make for the stick or net thing. Have to figure it out. It’s a big differens with the feeling at home if having things a bit more in order I guess. As well as with ceiling lamps, all cables needs to be longer… How does that even happen? So just have to figure out how to fix that I guess.

Other than that I been recording a bit of music, it’s so great to make own songs and getting things in order to make it ound the way I want it to. Super great. Am so looking forward to having a bit of more time and effort to that expanding the home studio.

I also realized that it’s a great idea to sit in the trunk boot of the car writing, we had been getting the seats flattened and all with blanket and pillows for the Swecation, so while super Girl hang out with the horses I can sit back there and write. So I am om it again with that script and I am pure donkey stubborn. A book manuscript is considered a book script when more than 50’000 words, so with this script I am currently at about 64’000 words so it’s considered a book script so it’s basically just to make the story work. So it’s a bit of puzzles and just reading and reading and arranging the bits to make it line up the way the story goes. So it’s to actually sit down and concentrate to make it happen I think. So it’ well on the way anyway.

So yeah trying to make things happen and being up to date with the flat as well, we’re having lots to do I guess


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