After a little drive around the country we are back in town. I have to say it was super great to see a bit of northern Sweden and we had an amazing drive around, we were also very happy to see the concrete structures rise around us when we were getting to town again. I know, there is just something appealing to me with major cities, the energy that affects me in a good way I think, so yeah I really like bigger cities, but I also like the countryside, I could really see myself getting a farmhouse at a point, I think it’s a great combo with both though, maybe we just need it both to boost us in the right directions. So it was so nice being out camping a bit, calm and peaceful. And now back in town even more boosted and more inspired to get writing and making more music. somehow it seems like the result is so much clearer with music, since making a song is kind of a normal time spent, with a book manuscript being about a year for the result its a good combination with short and long term goals. So it’s compliments I think.

So yeah, we are back in town and back in business after a Swecation around the northern wilderness


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