Weekend again

Weekends are magic in my opinion. Even though we been having like a long weekend for like months it seems to be a special feeling with weekends. trying to get to it with some things this weekend as usual I guess. Should really be writing more, and I should really do this and that and I guess it’s a bit of time wasted on random existing things. So I have even been working a little bit lately. OMG. it was great. So I guess things somehow have became a bit more normal through it all with this isolation spring.

Normally we would have been in England I think and I was just reading that there is a quarantine for Swedish people. So I guess we are staying in Sweden throughout the summer. It’s been nice weather a bit of rain as well so it seems great, and with a bit of time to waste the beaches are awesome. So we are kind of super happy anyway.

Tomorrow it’s forth of July obviously, and we decided to go for a barbecue so hopefully it’s a bit more sunny then.

So yeah over all it seem like this town is back to normal again and enjoying the weekend with us to the most.


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