Spent the day driving to beaches, so nice weather out here in Sweden so we decided to go to the beach, we realized we were running a bit late, so we had to get going, so instead we went for an evening swim, I was only swimming the toes. We found a new great beach it was super nice.

Started to record videos to be able to make more of music videos to mu music, so I was recording a few ideas I had today. So then it’s more like a video rather than just pictures put together as I done the videos so far. It’s great, really like the idea of making more things like that.

So yeah found lots of new bush walking places as well with the new beach. So we might be going there, heard there is like massive heatwave coming for a week. So we might be just in the apartment as well if it’s intense and be out in the evenings. Well see.

So yeah looking forward to exploring that place and making more like video videos.


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