super Saturday

Spent the day trying to get out a bit to a beach for recording a video I have in mind for a new song I am writing. I started to write it years ago so I had a good idea about how I want the chorus to sound like, so it’s a bit of work writing the lyrics and getting it all recorded it’s super great with that home studio program so there is going to be a little teaser out at my instagram kind of soon.

Midsummer went very smooth, spent the day #athome trying to get to it with continuing to write and get the story together. I really need a bit of flow towards that I can say. Guess it comes when the time is right. So I’m focusing at what comes smoothly so I started to record my new song instead of wasting time waiting for getting into it with my writing again. Really need to clean up the house… So I guess there is things to do around here anyway.

So yeah, having a great weekend while trying to get to it


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