Kiss a frog

Getting towards midsummer here in Sweden, Friday, that’s a special time for the year being in Sweden. I personally think it’s just great with summer and it’s so pretty with all flowers and blossoms everywhere, I guess as in any country when in full bloom. But midsummer in Sweden is supposed to be great.

So the tradition is kind of special here in Sweden for midsummer, a thing being that it’s almost daylight for 24 hours up in the north, it’s also about strawberry deserts and dancing around a flower pole, and gather in general. It’s also a tradition to get seven different flowers and to have them under the pillow, then you should be dreaming about your becoming prince charming. Hopefully that works since I thought about getting one. (already tried to kiss a frog…)

For us, we rarely do the traditional midsummer thing, we might be going for a barbecue at the beach or something instead if weather allows. Today it’s been raining but was a bit nicer from the afternoon until the evening (witch was great since I needed to clean out the patio area, so that’s all up to standards now).

So I guess trying to figure out what to do for midsummer here in Stockholm this year, avoiding traffic jams and people in general for sure and maybe a guitar session with barbecue by the beach seems like a really good alternative and have to remember to grab seven sorts of flowers for sure to see if that works.


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