Feels amazing with the weekend coming. Have so many things that I want to do. Seems as such waste of time, but have to start with just getting the things going and clean the house though. Super… Although I have to say I clean the flat much better in the mornings. So I guess it’s just to pick up the bits and pieces and get started. Looking forward to nice flat though I have to say

Hopefully there is nice enough weather in the weekend to maybe get for a day out by the sea or something as well. Thought about getting a boat for the summer.

Other than that trying to make room for a detox cure for a while since we are kind of in self isolation as much as we can, so it’s a great time to maybe do a bit of things like that. Maybe even be able to squeeze in the bikini if getting into it diet wise as well, that would be amazing. Thought about how safe it would be to go swimming in the summer in the corona perspective. Have to check if there is anything written about that.

So yeah, the weekend getting started while I am waiting for the flow to come my way


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