Found a great way to record music, just have to figure out the program a bit more to make it sound even better, so that might be a bit of a start to a long since dream about a home studio for recording music. I just tested it out with a cover version of Lady gaga’s – remember us this way. Love that song, think it’s great. My version might need a bit more work to it but I am happy to figure out the studio program so it gets me going forward.

So a home studio is something I think I been dreaming of since like for ever. And the time and everything else needed to actually sit down and just do the things one want and one need to do. In this, I am so happy to have just that at the moment. So with the recording opportunities found, I am even more happy to get towards the sumer holidays to get into it a bit more, with my own music

Other than that writing is on the top of my list at the moment, I really have to put all my efforts and energy towards it to get it going. I just have to make it happen. The pressure from myself is tremendous I have to say. I am really up for a celebration after that scrip is good to go, I got to say. Sometimes the road towards the goal is more of the goal. With this script it’s been more like every letter have been the goal. Really need a bit of flow to get it going again

Swedish weather been amazing, about the Corona situation; hardly reading the news nowadays, the town is kind of as normal, a bit more room in the shops maybe but in general everything seems fine. We are in isolation maybe but it’s just as we would normally be, a bit unsocial I guess.

So it seems like a great sumer is on the way and hopefully we have lots of time to enjoy it


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