So nice weather here in Sweden, it feels a bit like summer, or is maybe summer, what’s the definition of summer actually? So summer just came along with all flowers and things it seems, since we were so isolated during spring we just noticed, so it’s great with enjoying the balcony anyway and warm weather just being at home

The Swedish restrictions are most the same I think, or was there really any? Although it’s fine to drive about a couple of hours from your location now days, (I had missed that rule), but we been at home most of the time anyway, it seems a lot more eased in general, maybe people just want to enjoy their ways and doings, preferably.

I was checking for getting away, we usually go traveling a bit, and there seemed to be opportunities to get away for a holiday even. Although I think there is advised to be in the current location for the sumer, and does countries even let people in? I heard it was isolation for like a while. Anyway even though I am so eager to get away for a holiday I think we better spend it here in Sweden this year. I thought about getting a boat to have something great to do around here. So we have to wait and see what we do I think. At the moment I am happy just being #athome trying to get to it with my new script, o my gosh, I been a bit stuck with it hopefully it smoothes soon. I was getting used to writing almost everyday, then I needed to get a new computer and got out of the habit a bit, so it’s pure hard work to get back with it as routine just now. I can honestly say it’s only pure hard work and stubbornness that is setting this script, if getting to that line where it all comes to that edge. All good to go. Labour of love I guess.


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