The week started with really nice weather here in Stockholm Sweden, been catching up with things I guess and getting back to routine a bit lately. I have to clean the flat, again, it just keeps going. Great. A bit of a waste of time maybe. But I really like perfect so I have to step it up I guess. So there is defiantly room for improvement at the moment, I feel that isolation has been great in so many ways although maybe the perfect aspect needs a bit more tension. But then again what is perfect? I used to have perfect nails and perfect hair and perfect things to do and for sure I have to say things are perfect now as well, maybe even better, just in a more real direction maybe. I have things to do and I am super happy to have the time for doing things during isolation. And perfect beauty- might be new trends coming with the Corona isolations. I mean hairextentions might seem a bit fake without reason when being in the flat for weeks and weeks. So yeah there might be a new definition of perfect here.

Anyhow, I am super happy to see the sumer coming our way and I am looking forward to stepping things up and getting things a bit more perfect in my way as well.


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