Trying to write

Just hangin out here in the flat apartment trying to write and trying to clean up the flat and trying this and that and trying to get things done. Seems like wasting time though. Decided to go with the flow and have some days in isolation again to make things happen a bit more and concentrate to get my new book manuscript all good to go. At the moment just mostly dreaming away though. For sure it’s a party for when this manuscript is all set I have to say only pure donkey will and stubbornness, and hard work, has gotten it written so far. So much resistance, I am so curious to how it got on that tone. Really wonder. Since the script after has started and is getting forward a lot smoother.

Anyway. There is a new day rising out my window, hopefully a really nice one. So I better get the curtains overlapping and try to get to work again. #coronajetlag #flexibleschedule #itsonlyhours


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