Back again

After about a week and a half without computer it feels great to be back, all logged in in the matrix again, and on it with writing. I have to say it’s a bit of catching up to do with my new manuscript, that I have been longing to complete, mostly just since I am so eager to get started with the manuscript afterwards at the moment and that seems to come my way. So hopefully a bit of #selfisolation is setting things with that to be on it again and getting it come to that line where it reaches the edge with the mind set on the starting point of the manuscript after.

I am also writing letters to a friend so that’s as well nice to be back with computer again. So I am writing like real letters rather than emails, and being kind of without computer for a week and a half got me to even write real, real letters, I mean like with a real pen and paper. Super great. Felt so real. Maybe my friend will know a lot more about me now since it’s said to be a science that says a lot about a person, about handwritten words and how a person writes. Well either way I hope it was readable letters anyway.

Other than that Stockholm has been great with really nice weather for a couple days. It’s almost as normal with the corona situation here it seems and it seems to be just as any normal Sumer coming along as well. So yeah looking forward to the summer and hopefully some nice days out at the beaches.


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