Sumer weather

Today it’s really nice weather here in Stockholm should clean up the flat and things like that today but I think we have to get out for a bit as well.

I been just getting on with things, the computor is handed in for repair, so I have to wait until the new story I am writing to get ready. But hopefully it’s good to go in time for the sumer holidays. The Idea is for it to be posted some weeks before the holiday starts. But maybe the holidays are a bit flexible anyway this year. It’s a lot of manuscripts getting posted just after the holidays so I thought to time it with Being posted before the holidays. I guess that it’s a bit out of usualities anyway and that they might have been getting scripts in from people since many people have been in isolation anyway. And maybe the book industry people have been able to work from home and are saving the holidays until later.

Anyway, guess I just have to ride it out and try to hold on until it’s done the way I want it to be after the computor is fixed and make sure the script is all good to go ASAP and post it when it’s done


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