Getting to it

It was super rain here in Sweden today for a while, we were out for a little walk in the Swedish version of Amazons, like real bush, then we got back home again. Got things to do all the time it seems. I realized if there is one thing to do during the day it now gets most of the day doing that one thing. even for just the little things. How did I even get anything done before isolation, I sometimes wonder.

So I was meant to be writing the whole day today I thought, and just now late night I am having time and energy to get to it.

That said, I really need to get a bit more in to the total isolation mode it seems, we were doing just that when the Corona situation occurred here in Sweden, and it worked out great for us. We were just in for so many weeks, I think it was about six weeks In total but a bit unsure about how many weeks it actually was. So for the month of May I really need to be writing as much as I can every day to get it all good to go hopefully.


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