At home

Today we are just spending the day doing normal things, cleaning the flat, installing a cable box for the tv, yeeees, so happy to have gotten a new box that has more room to save programs and shows and record things in it. Like a Tivo. Super during #selfisolation.

I am also catching up with a bit of writing, I have been a bit stuck with the story for some days and I am looking forward to spend some days at home to get it all figured out and get going with it.

I did buy some seeds and soil and organized a bit of potting things to my balcony. I am so happy to have my balcony these days at home, it’s built in with glass so it’s more like a sunroom or conservatory. It was very long since I was having a bit of a project of potty things so I am considered a beginner again I have to say so I just bought easy to grow things like tomatoes. Hopefully they make it. But it seems like a great project for the sumer being at home a lot it seems so I decided to only have eatables potted-pants that just dont take up place. I am so appealed by the thought of grabbing veggies from my own balconyminigarden.

So hopefully the bank holiday weekend brings a bit of everything our way and hopefully a bit of the spring weather comes along as well.


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