New week

I really like Sunday evenings when going through the week to come, at the moment it’s almost like Sunday everyday but I still think it’s great with Sundays.

So pressure is on with all things to get done this week I have to say. There is also a Swedish traditional holiday with a bank holiday coming for the weekend, it’s kind of a bon fire thing here in Sweden, so I guess there is without bonfires this year since it’s a ban from 50 people.

I think maybe the far out beaches are going to be busy instead with people just barbecuing instead. I think we are just having that evening at home. We were to get to England for the weekend but we are obviously here in Sweden and the borders are closed so there is only so many options. So England have to wait for a bit more I guess.

I was checking the house market here in Sweden instead and it seems to be really busy and a lot of people needing a sumer house or just a house in general. So I think there is a lot of house showings and things like that during this bank holiday thing.

So maybe we grab the guitar getting to a beach having a barbecue for the Valborg celebration this year. Or maybe we just spend it at home. I guess it’s just to wait and see.


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