Finally weekend, although being in #selfisolation is a bit of a weekend all the time, it’s a great feeling Friday afternoon I think

Today I spent the day almost doing most things I was meant to do. We almost got to the bush for hiking, but we had seen wild boar footprints, I think, (we looked it up at the web) and when we got there it was late afternoon and decided to be a bit careful since they might have just have hatched their babies as well this time of year. So we ‘almost’ went hiking, maybe we’ll be back when it’s day and nicer weather. I also almost was wasting a bit of time cleaning the flat, so had to save that for later, and like that it continued with most things today so we have things to do during the weekend

I am just about to get the night shift started with writing, since I just almost was writing today

Other than that we decided to maybe get a tent to go camping this sumer, but I have to say it’s a ‘maybe’, especially after seeing so many strange footprints out in the bush. It’s a bit safer in more civilized areas in my perspective. like more concrete structures rather than wast wilderness and mosquitos. So we have to rethink that again, I think

I also think we had decided to spend the sumer getting a flat in Southend England for the sumer to get my new manuscript all good to go and writing away in general. And we were also just on the way getting a new house when the corona situation started (so we have most of our things packed away from that, that obviously had to wait ) So we have to think a bit more about what we want to do for the sumer, although maybe just sorting the balcony out really nice and be at home is fine as well, until we can get away to England again

So yeah lots of things to do around the flat here in Stockholm as well as figuring out what to do for the sumer

Enjoy the weekend


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