Spending the day at home today, just doing a bit of everything. Had a super long morning, got up in like dawn to write, then went back to bed for a while, now it’s just afternoon and I am getting started to write a bit more. So just cleaning the flat, a bit of tv, just enjoying the #selfisolation today I guess and a bit of guitar with a new song I am trying to write and dreaming away with

So I guess it’s a normal weekend just being at home trying to get to it with writing and wondering if can be bothered to get out for a bit of ‘hiking’ around the blocks where my flat is. Concrete hiking hahahaha that’s a new concept, maybe safer than wild boar hiking at the moment though

About the Swedish herd = I am so happy to have found my way to be a bit out of the way until it feels better to be out in town again. Making some noice with the guitar instead and writing, and just enjoying my way I guess. Saw the crowds out yesterday driving through town, and it was in the news that it had been a busy night out at the pubs and clubs, it was payment Friday here in Sweden, meaning the Friday at the end o the month where almost everybody gets paid, it’s most commonly once a month here in Sweden. So the payment Fridays are a concept for sure and it’s usually a very busy day and a very busy weekend. For me, it’s very clear that I rather be in #selfisolation and I am very happy with my choices being so

So I guess it’s continuing the weekend here #athome trying to write a bit more getting that story a little bit closer coming to the edge


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