Summer holiday

Just started to think about what to do during the summer. I would really have liked to get away to England for the summer holiday, we usually go to the sea sides and its great I think. We absolutely fell in love with a little town there and we spent many of our holidays there overlooking the Thames estuary. it’s a great place to get writing away. So that we are longing for I have to say. So that is saved for booking asap when it’s sad to travel again. Seems like the summer is going to be spent in Sweden this year though. So I made a list o things to do a bit depending on the generat isolation and regulations.

Getting a boat? Maybe, seems like a bit of a project, and having to have a place to keep it, but defiantly something to research further

Go camping? Maybe, seen a lot of rather big tents, more like with rooms so a bit more clamping if so. Nice idea, maybe if finding a great place to get the tent up near a lake or something. Could be a bit of ants and insects (!) and mosquitos (!) so there may be better ideas

Campervan RV’s or Caravans? I did have a caravan used as a mini cottage. Could be more spacious and it was ants, and project. But it was nice since there was electricity and more like structured than tenting so I guess fine, but having to have a set place to have it or driving around, and where to have it for when unused. So I think maybe, but rather getting a bigger bus, like an English bus or something to rebuild to a min cottage I having a great place to have it. Like a set place with electricity and more like a house. Something like that is a maybe. If finding a bit of land to have it.

Have to think, maybe it’s better to just arrange the balcony instead to save a bit of effort and time and just be at home writing and working with things that I want to do, and maybe it’s even isolation as well, so just going to the beaches for the days if the weather allows things like that. Getting the hammock up and just enjoying the summer.


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