The (Swedish) Herd

Today we were out a bit again going for a hike in the wilderness. Amazing. Driving thorough the city Stockholm was as nice as a normal spring day and it’s very surreal that almost the whole world is being more closed than Sweden, it’s very unreal. Some restaurants and bars were being really busy and maybe there was only some people out walking around actually but people are defiantly out and very few have face covers, seen more of them lately, a wild guess would be about 5% wearing face covers. Since we are wearing gloves and wipe hands and are very precautious people does really stare at us, in a funny way when we are out. In the radio commercials there are information about the 2 meter rule, that if you can to avoid any people within 2 metres distance.

In the news it was a lot about the Swedish expert guy that’s seem to be the strategist and in command of it all, had been intervjued in Norway news where he said the herd immunity could be reached in may. That was a bit funny since they have denied using that strategy as far as I know. other than that it’s a lot of science people that really think Sweden should have done it in a different way, and they kind of get their voices heard. The news also was giving the impression and it was stood clearly that the numbers are getting lower. that’s a bit strange I think, since the numbers for new cases has been rather high today and for a while. And it was a priority list of who they choose to test. Ill people, people working in that industry, and other important works. I think it was. Something like that. There is also a temporary hospital that’s been built for the situation, but there is a lot of room in the hospitals they say so that’s yet unused.

It was also in the news with luxurious touristing that travel to Sweden from other eu countries to get their hair, nails, restaurants things like that done. So in that sense it’s a good reputation for Sweden, since it’s open and they can spend a lot of money for a ticket coming here to fix their beauty things and go to restaurants. I am sure the owners of the places are very happy to have them since there is kind of ruffer times for many of the shop owners at the moment.

The border being closed for traveling to Sweden is only for coming from other than eu countries and some more countries and that’s been moved forward to some date in may.

So after all, I have to say ‘the Swedish herd’ here in Stockholm with general surroundings, seem rather well and happily unbothered about it all


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