Today I had to go grab a pack of paper for the printer, it was super great since the shop had started to deliver to the carpark after ordering online, within about an hour, super great. Perfect for my rather unsocial lifestyle anyway so hopefully they continue that service after the Corona. After I had been getting the paper and some things, I continued the new trend of mine to go hiking in the super bush. It’s basically more like a Swedish version of Amazon’s where I found a great place to hike so I had to make some noice with keys and singing a bit and listening to music to get any wild creatures that potentially could be there as well a bit out of the way. hahahaha. Obviously more used to the concrete structures in the city. I am trying to get there hiking a bit for every time I have to get out doing something else to just spin by, it’s a bit of a drive but it’s great place to be. So that seem to become the thing to do. I really like it. So that’s an amazing thing to do specially when spring signs are just coming around out there.

I did go to a couple of shops a bit out from Stockholm all geared up with covers and gloves and far away from other people. There is more and more people I think that is starting to wear face covers but that may be since we been getting to shops mostly just before closing and only for necessary things, when it’s very few people out in the shops and maybe all the super precautious people go at that time of the day to avoid crowds. But I think there is more face covers seen just in general out walkings as well.

So yeah, spending the evening writing and a bit of tv maybe, been longing to see some shows, just had the cable guy here this week to adjust the satellite to be able to tune in some of my fav channels again it hade gotten a bit out of line, but works perfect again so a bit catching up to do with that

So basically stocked up the flat with everything we need for another week in #selfisolation here in Stockholm


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