Kind of Real

Today we had to get out for a bit of a drive so we went for a walk then we drove to Waxholm for a nice day out and got the boat over to Värmdö here in Stockholm archipelago, it was so nice getting out for a bit. We started to go shopping a bit away from town, it’s great late at evenings out in the towns and villages a bit away from the city, very few people out in the shops.

Super nice with sea view and horses and spring signs. I think the countryside villages are going to have a big revival after the Corona. I mean it would be great to go grab a bit of fresh egg from real chickens in the garden and. being isolated out in the country must be a bit like a normal day I think. and also with a lot o work places that has realized they can have the work done from home aswell as the people working realizing they can work from home, I think people are going to have more opportunities to be able to move to the countrysides a lot more and easier.

Anyway, it was nice coming back to the city as well again after a day spent out in the bush. So for me personally I kind of like both. I kind of need concrete structures around me to feel a bit as I belong sometimes, more like futuristic sceneries I guess, maybe comes from me writing a bit of science fiction stories. But the countryside is also amazing and magical at times.

picture from the other day I was looking exactly the same today, the Corona look, undone hair, without fancy nails, kind of raw, kind of happy and kind of…. Real


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