Swedish Corona herd

After reading news from other contries, ( I consider us being more international than Swedish in many aspects I have to say though) I realized it’s a big thing about the Swedish way of handling the Corona situation

So I thought being in Stockholm, in Corona times, I can write a bit about my perspective of it all

I think there is a big mass of swedes that are against the whole idea of remaining open during Corona situation. A lot of the chats are general people that are very much against the schools being open and the society in general being open during this situation as well. I mean it’s defiantly a bit of a Titanic feel about it, with the orchestra continuing to do the music until it sank…. It’s that feeling I relate to when I am reading the news from other countries. The Swedish news are more loyal to the Swedish way I would say, I guess it brings a bit of secure feeling to the people reading it. That the Swedish way would be a chosen strategy. Unsaid out load, but it’s obvious every other country are refering to ‘herd immunity’ when it comes to the Swedish Corona way

Maybe there is more reasons to why Sweden ‘chose’ this strategy as well. It’s very clear here in Sweden that there has been a big lack of materials, safety equipment, testing gear, things like that. And Sweden had very limited resources when the pandemic started. So at current state there is normal people in the news chats saying they have symptoms and being refused testings and things like that. And it’s obvious and outspoken that they only test people that are so affected they go to the hospitals, so the numbers are officially very unclear, and Sweden are saying the numbers are very unclear

The most written about in Sweden is maybe the safety equipment for the hospital staff, where some of them are buying raincoats to work in and gluing plastic bits for safety and the new guidelines about staff to work in shortsleaved shirts, since they runed out of the long sleeved once. So they are clearly under limited resources according to the news and the people chatting about it

In Stockholm, where I am currently situated, people are out pretty much as normal. There is holiday this week and a lot of people went skiing to the north and a lot of people are in their sumer houses. I think many people are more permanently in their sumer houses maybe after the holiday to be a bit out of the way. The advise from authorities were to kindly please avoid to travel around the country, and please work from home if you can. Things like that. The only official limit I think are for social gatherings of more than 50 people. All busses and tubes are running kind of as normal. I heard there was crowded tubes due to a lot of the staff being off from work. So it’s easier to get payment for staying at home from work if you are ill, and you have to do so if you are feeling any form of symptoms. And after you feel better, you have to wait 2 days to be back out again. So that’s kind of the Swedish situation. It’s a lot of people out as I seen driving through town and a lot of the shops seem to have full car parks. Many of the shops have installed a plastic ‘wall’bit infront of the cashier as well

So that’s my view of the Swedish way. Personally, we decided to go super precautious and #selfisolated in total for maybe 4 weeks or something, without even leaving the flat. The other day we decided to drive out of town a bit and being out a little to get moving a bit. So I feel very happy with our decisions and I am very happy that we were able to do so and make it work, being a bit OCD about things like this, #quarantine-ing food out for days, and leaving shoes out for days until they should be bug free, and washing milk packs in bleach or chlorine. We wear face covers and plastic gloves, and put hair up in the hoods, and supershower when we get back in. I mean there is very few people with face masks out in town, and I got stared at for sure. But I rather that and be well so…

Yeah that’s a bit of a perspective from me here in Stockholm I am sure to be back in this subject soon again


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