Super buns

Today we spent the day wasting time with cleaning the flat. And then we started to bake cinnamon buns… So now we have to clean up even more hahahaha. But it was so nice, spending time together, having a laugh and tasty as well, a bit back to basic, baking bread and having time to do so. That’s what I think with this #isolation thing, it’s kind of without stress and I think many people needed that, especially in the cities. So after the corona, I think going back to how we used to work and live might be a bit of a time to think; Do we even want that? how do we want to spend our time? For many people. I think many people as well as me, have realized; it’s so nice to be at home. Just hanging out doing a bit of this and that. So I think quality time spent together, is going to have a bigger importance after the Corona, and maybe there will be a lot more opportunities for working at home, flexibility, maybe 24 hour society for having the crowd spread out at the hours and things like that. I think that would be a great idea, having 24h normal grocery shops and everything we do just being for 24h

I feel so happy to have the time to do everything I am currently doing, things I been longing to do for such long time, and I think after the Corona I have created more of a need to continue doing my things after it becomes a habit of being used to doing ‘my things’. Creativity is now an urge. Hahahaha. So I think working like crazy hours per week, having a maid, to just be able to have things rolling, get up go to work get home do the same thing again and again during the weeks. And then travel as often and as much as possible to have time to just be, somewhere else for Holliday. So I think this Corona situation may get us to another perspective. I am thinking a lot about what I really want to do right now, I think it’s great to get the picture clear with that and I am trying to spend this time wisely since I see this #isolation thing more as an opportunity to actually try to be working things out towards the way I want my way to be

And maybe the more spiritual ways are becoming more popular after all this as well, the senses, and sensitivity, and looking within, finding yourself, chrystal healing, a bit more inner orientated things might have a bigger impact for us. As well as baking real bread and buns and maybe having real chickens in a real garden and hiking the superbush for the deeper meaning of it all. I think that can do a lot of good for many people

So yeah I think this #isolation somehow can bring something good to the table for us all (within reason, for sure it’s a terrible situation and everything and for everybody #besafe and for those needed #bebetter), but beside all that, if we try to find the good bits and pieces we might have found better ways, so maybe It’s a bit like picking the raisins out of the cake in times like these


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