Today we got in the car for a bit of a drive to the far out beaches to get out a bit. Our city is very open even although it’s advised to practice social distancing, it’s a lot of people out in city centre. We have been self isolating to remain well, and I guess we are doing so even though after about four weeks or something being just only in the flat, we decided to go out a bit from town without meting people. It was so refreshing with the sea view. Thought about getting a boat for the sumer it would be so nice to sail around and discover small islands and camping in the boat, so that is defiantly a maybe. Great for distancing as well.

So maybe boats are going to be popular as well as camper vans, and camping, and Holliday homes since it’s advised to remain in the country for the sumer. I think a lot of people would want to have a little dog or something to companion us during isolation so I think that is a great idea to remain well as well

So yeah, we are figuring out what to do for the sumer and keeping busy while continuing #selfisolation here in Stockholm Sweden and waiting to see if there is more restrictions or lockdowns to come, but at the moment it’s a bit as business as usual in town, although I am super precautious and even bath my groceries in bleach or chlorine hahahaha so we are doing the total isolation thing for our own sake


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