Sofa day

Yesterdays hiking in the bush was for sure well needed, and today, the sofa was well needed. Should be getting more used to hiking, it seems to be really good for you. I was supposed to clean up the flat, but that has to wait. So I have just been #stayingathome today, baking muffins and having a great time. Just now I have a bit more time to sit and write again. Total focus is kind of needed when working the story through, it’s a bit easier to do that at night I feel. I realized how much work I actually got done spending about six weeks in total isolation, we were out of the flat for the first day just the other day. So it was really nice. But I think it’s been doing us really good. A bit of things like hair extensions and doing nails and things like that is for sure in a bit out on a side track to myself after all hahahaha. But I feel great anyway, getting kind of natural. I think it’s another perspective with things like that and maybe it’s a bit more real maybe, for me it is, I mean what is really beautiful anyway. Being well maybe. So maybe it’s another track for the beauty industries after the Corona as well.

I have a timeframe, for writing, as a schedule almost, writing towards goals at the moment. It’s been the trick to make it happen I think. So with my perfection sides, with working, it’s kind of a need to tick in all the boxes. I can really recommend ticking boxes and organizing things that way, I usually make excel sheets for doing so, I think it works wonders. I think it gets me a lot more focused and aiming towards the goals and driven in general when goals are more thought through as well.

I realized the link to my instagram was to this page, so here is my correct instagram @l_helgaasen where you can listen to the corona song I made the other week ‘Counting cars’ and also another song I made. Hopefully you like it and hopefully there is more music to be posted kind of soon.


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