Today I spent most of the day snuggled up in the sofa, almost napping or almost looking at tv. Realized that the balcony is really great and could work more as a room during sumer months, its so nice there like a sunroom glassed in so I thought to get a bit of tomatoes going and I even thought about having mushrooms. Only flowers that can be eaten. So with a bit of a heating sours out there could be a really nice almost bedroom work room a bit out of the way room.

The project of the day is to write write write, again. Thinking to have that as a goal to just write write write until the manuscript is all set to go. And continue my other creative projects more after that. So I am prioritizing writing at the moment.

Looking at renovating houses programmes for the most. I love those shows. I am so bummed that I almost got to buy the house I wanted to buy and move, but just then the Corona crisis happened, so I guess luckily anyway, I could turn the deal on hold until after the Corona storm, and maybe buy it then. But it was a bit of a dream thing to do for me so I am a bit bummed but happy since we could just be safe in our flat and ride the situation out. Hopefully the house is on the market after all this or even a better one and hopefully we are able to buy it then instead

So yeah, I guess dreaming away looking at house shows has been most of the day


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