Todays project

I have decided to try and have a creative project for every day, and also maybe try to declutter or clean up the flat /apartment for an hour every day. To make it nicer for sure, but also to be in a bit of movement, I heard it’s about 100 plus something calories for half an hour worth of household work. So that seem to be a good habit to get started. So I was up really late last night cleaning organizing garbage, today I been doing laundrey all day, so we are getting there

About the creative project today I have been writing, writing, writing. I am writing a lot at the moment and I ‘m so happy to be getting some flow throughout the story. Hard work for aspiring authors these days. I have to say though that I think this #selfisolation is super great for just that, sitting down to actually do it; write, Be an aspiring author that does the work and anyhow is coming to it as making things happen write wise

With that said, the washing machine needs to be refilled and I should continue to write

In the meantime if you are bored in #quarantaine or just want to enjoy something, you can listen to my new song ‘Counting Cars’ at my instagram @lhelgaasen


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