Today I spent most of the day writing and just reading news and netflixing and getting on with it I guess. I watched the curves for corona cases, and lets just wish for all long term market speculators that the stocks will be showing the same curves after the corona wave for their investments. Like exponential dividend growth or something that would be nice after all this

Today I also just have to tidy up the flat, I started yesterday and I thought about having set an hour a day for just getting things in order as a routine. But then again, I really like the idea of being a bit out of routines and just letting the creative energy take off to be able to expand that as much as possible. So we’ll see if getting around to getting the waste bin bags out at the patio area is enough of cleaning the flat for the day, or if I’d get inspired and all into it scrubbing the whole flat. Spring cleaning is great instead of the gym I heard

Right now, I think I feel a bit more inspired to continue to write my new script rather than wasting time cleaning the flat though… So I guess I’d better get to it


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