Jaming Pj’s

After spending yesterday writing almost the whole day; (really getting to it with my new script) missing earth hour, saved baking for another day…..again, I did manage to change pyjamas and grab the guitar though (you can see the result on instagram @lhelgaasen )

Since #selfisolating seem to make things happen I am so happy to have the time to sit down and write and make more music. This specific song I recorded, from my bedroom, in pj’s, but happy, is called ‘Be mine’. I was writing it years and years ago, and you guessed it, it’s about a guy…. Long since gone, but the song is very near to me in a lot of other aspects as well. So I decided to post it while waiting for a bit more inspiration to continue to write something new

Last week I did write a new song ‘Counting Cars’ it’s also posted at my instagram @lhelgaasen so that’s the newer ones, think there ll be more coming I have some started so that d be the #coronasong #selfisolating songs

Jamming pj’s


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