Earth hour

Today it’s Saturday. Earth hour at 8.30 local time. I remember years ago when i was working, earth hour was then a bit unheard of, compared to today’s earth hour that is more recognized throughout. So have to make sure we set the clock for that.

Today I have been writing and writing. I am getting a bit closer to the edge with my new manuscript and I made a schedule for goals per certain dates to have set times and goals working towards, that really does the work for me. Since I am a bit OCD I just have to get to that point at the right date. So the schedule seem to do the trick for that.

Food deliveries are like fully booked for weeks so there is food in the shops but we are #selfisolating so it would be nice with more options getting the products delivered. So at the moment we just have to do with what we have at home. And I kind of stockpiled half the flat weeks ago so I think we be fine. I payed somebody to deliver some items a couple of days ago and we did get things delivered a couple of days ago with things we ordered about a week ago. So being super cautious and only did like cans and tins without any fresh items, and I literally washed the items with bleach or chlorine. Some products I repacked outdoors, like opened the boxes and put the foods in another container, before getting them in the flat. For sure with gloves and hot shower after to be super safe.

Saw a picture of somebody bathing their shoppings and I realized this way was a bit easier so I thought I might share.

So yeah Earth hour tonight is maybe todays entertainment and for sure checking to see if the Neighbours are up for a clap at 8 o’clock as well

Be safe out there

We are all friends continues write in the comments to find new friends; be there for each other


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