Darn, we missed earth hour

At 8 o’clock we were out being the only Naibours out clapping hands I think, except one across the street that was like clapping twice, so funny. Maybe it’s just some days clapping then. Anyway. Then we just got busy doing this and that, I continued to write my story and got working away with that and we realized we could do with wasting a bit time cleaning the flat /apartment so we decided to continue doing this and that and save the cleaning the flat for later

So we continue to have a to do list I guess, cleaning the flat / apartment, baking buns that we were meant to do the other day but all things came in the way so we have that for the to do list as well. I guess I should write a better list since there is more that should be on top of the it

So at that point earth hour had already been and it was gettin kind of late….I guess we have to write earth hour on top of our to do list for a rainy day


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