At eight o’clock I heard a funny sounding noise out at the yard infront of my apartment / flat. So I opened the door to find so many of the neighbours out at their balconies and all around the yard clapping their hands. I guess it’s for celebrating the hospital staff; they are amazing these days dealing with the effects of Corona.

So there must have been a facebook group or something spreading the word or something, since I’ve been reading the news many times without even knowing. So it was very soul warming to find all these people standing up together doing this and for once being on the same page all together. So I guess 8 o’clock it is.

Have to remember it’s earth hour tomorrow….

We saved the baking from yesterday for tonight instead. We are being up a bit late these days in distancing / isolation, I think it’s great to just let us be and just get on with it as it comes. So we are in jetlag timezone at the moment and it works great for us

We are all friends – continues. Write in the comments to find new friends, be there for each other, to hang out with, write your contacts and maybe a bit about yourself to find each other and be there for each other during #isolation and in general you can also message me by contacts or instagram @lhelgaasen

the corona song is also at my instagram @lhelgaasen


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