We are all friends – continues. Write in the comments to find new friends to hang out with write your contacts and maybe a bit about yourself to find each other and be there for each other during #isolation and in general you can also message me by contacts or instagram @lhelgaasen


I have spent most of the day writing and checking news. Thought about getting up and have a nice ‘make up / photo’ day to make nice pictures but I decided to save that project for another day. This day is a total pyjamas day #coronahairstyle or #isolationhairdo feeling great, (have to be clear about the fact that we are very well indeed and without any signs of Corona that I know of, we are very cautious, and we are #socialdistansing to do what we can to be a bit out of the way of it all and be well, and to make it a bit easier for people who has to be out in town)

I’ve been trying to find great things online for inspiration, things to do, and I was doing a bit of research for my new story that I am writing. I also thought one project a day would bring a bit more structure to the days in. So the project of today was; write write write. And my new manuscript is defiantly tapping away in a good direction, so I am trying to write every day.

I have to figure out what ‘Todays’ project going to be tomorrow

Now, I have promised my little girl to bake buns with her, so we should get that started and hopefully post some pictures from that later


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