Picture with running cat prints

In my flat / apartment I enjoy to have only things I like. I think it brings a special feeling, feeling at home that way. ‘Where ever I lay my hat, is my home’ may work better with a picture instead, so I been having this picture for that. I love it.

The print I bought from a poster shop, I bought it a bit bigger than the frame so it could be fitted with one more row for fantasy, having found a nice antique frame for it, I brought it to a pro for fitting the print and I really like it.

When I just moved into my flat I used to have it so the first thing seen was this picture, it made me feel at home. And what I believe is so appealing is the mix of modern and antique almost makes it rime with the mix of the modern and antique and it brings me that sometimes it’s the unsaid that fill up the space. It’s also my favorite city where I am longing to be so that brings me to a special place just by looking at it. Note that it had been laying at a table or something at some point for a while and my cat made little footprints.

So while being at home for quarantine it’s a great thing to do to create from what is already in the flat, remake, brush of the dust and bring to light again, sometimes with a twist maybe; Special things that make a special place feel at home.


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