Hermit lifestyle

I think this quarantine thing can really work things out for the better for many of us. I am kind of used to it anyway, being comfortable with sitting in my walk in closet almost with headphones to have the sphere where I can really concentrate and get into it when I am writing my stories, so a bit out of the way anyway I would say I am used to. With being a person who enjoy to write, and sometimes trying to write, I think that the bubble idea of living and the quarantine is very similar, we are kind of in a pod right now, in our own sphere, we have everything we need and are happy to be well and it works great.

It’s kind of ideal to get things done in my perspective. And I am so grateful for all the people that do work very much and round hours to solve this Corona situation and I am trying to be a part of it by being a bit out of the way and for sure with inspiring entertainment as my stories and blog and ideas I come up with and am doing for work, hopefully it make the world a better place for somebody. That’s my aim anyway.

So I realize what luxury it actually is to be able to sit at home constantly for like weeks, having tv, internet, books, magazines, things to cook, bake, and all sorts of art work and almost everything we want to do and things that make us happy with our loved ones. That might be pure luxury to some people out there fixing, or trying to fix the Corona situation, and caring for so many people working like sooooo much right now.

So with that perspective clear; I am so happy and grateful to be able to sit at home for some weeks, maybe even months, maybe for a year even, who knows, in quarantine, trying to un-waste time being happy and able to continue writing my stories and getting them out. And I would probably been longing to do just that if running around doing everyday business as usual. So I guess it’s a trade for a while; Hermit lifestyle for Hermes lifestyle for a while.


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