While the world is all busy clearing the Corona situation I am trying to think about how things will be after the Corona. What trends to come, in new branches and ways. I think the environment movement is going to be even more significant. So this trend setting I think is going to run wild with us. From seeing the scales of pollution increase, while half the world has been in quarantine, I think it will change somethings for us. So maybe also our spending habits. Shopping habits. And production lines. What we do want to shop.

So maybe our productivity, in the west, have been more towards making the most of things profit wise, I think that’s for sure going to continue, but maybe with a bit of a twist to it; maybe we have came to realize that it’s great to actually have sometime of from work. Quality time with our loved ones and with finding our selves. And finding productivity within us. So creativity I think has been in the up coming during the Corona quarantines. And I think many things that we have started with, as new habits, new things to do, new ideas, realizing what we Want to do, that makes us happy. So rather than having to go to work all caught up in the spinn I think we may want to have sometime off work for feeling happy doing other things aswell. I think those trends will continue into the world after the Corona quarantines, and expand. Maybe we have become more sensitive to prioritize our feelings and urges of what we Want to do and what makes us happy and has turned into what we should be doing.

So I think the branches in environment friendly areas are coming strong after the Corona and also the more creative branches that keeps us busy knitting and things like that maybe that gets many people happy. Art, music, sewing, reading, writing. things like that. And also the sense of an inner feel that we maybe just feel more when we kind of can and have the time for it. I think we are going to be more sensitive towards our inner feel, and wanting to be so. So the therapy industry, the personal development areas, the mind training, everything that kind of maximizes the potentials and worlds within us. Maybe coming from the more awareness of how precious we actually are and that we may want to live our lives to the fullest. And being more open to how things like that can affect our private spheres.

So that’s my thought’s about some of the markets up and coming after the Corona wave.


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