Making things work

Trying to be creative above all while doing Corona quarantine. It’s really a good opportunity to try all the things that been thinking to do, and trying to make things work, doing art, getting those paints out that is like a week just to dry, and getting the sawing machine started, making things. Writing more than a normal person would think be doable, make music, get the creative energies through you. I think it’s amazing to have the time for letting it flow like that. Although it’s a serious situation it’s good to be able to enjoy the times we have and be grateful for being well enough to enjoy the quarantine. And think about what things can be done to help others. Can you spare a pack of food for somebody else that needs it, I am thinking about things to help, but I think the best might be to be a bit out of the way to make it easier for others that has to be out there. So that might be how we contribute.

I have to say I am trying to contribute a lot actually with being up writing all night, just being the daylight starting to come thorough a bit between the curtains. So I am actually trying to contribute maybe even more than I realized. I was writing a corona song. Thought about getting to it with fashion walk challenge in corona times, with getting all dressed up going for it at home. So great to make people busy, but I was busy writing and in my pyjamas all the day… So I thought I’d do that a day more suitable.

So yeah, after trying to record my corona song, it’s named Counting Cars, by the way, can be found at Instagram l_helgaasen, I just decided to do a pj version very kind of Blair witch project style, thought everybody in corona times could maybe relate to being in pj about hal the day so it’s kind of a raw version. So great to be on track with music again Love it.


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