Homeschooling might be on top of the list / corona trend spotting

With Corona hanging out around I am wondering what bits of society actually runs smoothly or is doing more for us all in general these days. What products or services are needed and appreciated these times, both by business serving us and also profit wise, what do we like during Corona chaos? What companies will be all right after this and what companies would do even better. Is there any new trends coming through in the after wave scenarios spotted yet, new markets and branches?

I think any person having children in school age has thought about the options of homeschooling these days around during Corona quarantines sweeping over Europe. So I think the platforms providing courses, educations, things that children enjoy doing is going to be in great development mode after the Corona. I mean education things maybe just a bit, but more to what the children want to do and want to learn, and how they can do so and learn with things they enjoy in their way. So maybe the virtual reality trend is coming full force, I think so, in quarantine times it would have been great for them to squirt around with their friends in virtual worlds going for solving mysteries or something and in the virtual reality even learning things could work. And a little tip for parents out there is that many of the existing learning centers and platforms online do have great offers right now with price reductions to try their products classes education etc. I found great ones that do classes online and in a lot of various subjects seen for more spare time subjects also. So there might be time to try something new and find new interests.

Obviously internet based learning centers would be doing great these days. So maybe parents after the Corona wave might be more open to ways of how to teach their children and more convinced and confident about doing so. So with trend spotting business ideas homeschooling plattforms, ‘easy to teach your children’, Something like – ‘Homeschooling made easy for parents’. style platforms are great ideas for business. So that I believe is a concept to be up and running in many countries around Europe, and over seas, after the wave.

I think it would be super great for more alternatives for schooling that works for the good of the children, in their perspective, anyway. So I think after Europe closing down the schools in the Corona chaos many parents might think, ‘should have homeschooled so I knew what I’m doing’. And after the Corona I think most people would be open about it, and also knowing a bit more of what it actually entails. Everybody would know more about what they are doing and what their children actually learn in school and how they do so. And many countries might go for opening up the opportunities for parents to be able to do so. And many parents might want to have more of an input to how we value our children’s learning and time after getting used to it. Maybe be more sensitive to how we value our children’s happiness.

That said; this brings the subject up on top of my list for trends coming, both for the good thing and also profit wise with trend spotting new industries after the Corona wave. So if having good materials or services to provide, after the Corona wave I’d say; Go for it.

More trends to come…


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