Sometimes I really wonder what’s the meaning of some things. I am one of those people who believes there has got to be a meaning with just about everything. And sometimes it would be nice if that meaning would make sense….

Today my meaning has been great. Love it. Been hanging out in the Corona quarantine castle we have built around us, it’s like a safe bubble with everything we need, contributing with keeping us a bit out of the way from it all. And inspiring people around as much as we can.

So I have been spending the day mostly in the sofa. Pure luxury I think. Enjoying that a lot. Writing and writing and trying to make my new manuscript come together. It’s kind of so near it’s almost touchable and kind of so very far away, but I think I’ll be having a first version of the main story chapters all squared away in total at the end of the day. So that would be a box to check. Even though it’s a bit to go until it’s all done for the whole manuscript, I’d be very happy with that for the day.

What I thought about today though, was how could I be able to help. What can we all bring to the table. Guess I have to think a bit more about that and maybe write a list of things to do in Corona times that is also great for other people, and safe. But I am sure there has got to be things we all can do to make our world a better place in any situation.


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