Keep calm and….

Get to it. Today I been continuing with writing music, feels so great to be on track with that again, and the good thing is, since I have been kind of in quarantine for a while it’s been a while since I was getting my nails done, and my hair, and this and that fixed, and it’s kind of great with undone nails for when having a go with the guitar, actually. So it’s actually doable to get going with the guitar, without long nice nails that I usually have.

About that, being kind of nice, preferring to look good, I think the Corona times might get us in a bit of a perspective to all that. What really is the definition of looking good? I just have realized being out of the kaos out there for a while, just kind of how much of those ‘looking good things’ I really do and like to fix. My hair extensions are, I mean looking good usually, and I sometimes do like self tannings and I do love botox, I guess I should be a bit shy about it, but I feel good about it, and I really like it; and I realized, I feel good without it as well.

Maybe we all within this worldly chaos get more real somehow, being more who we are without all this faked things that we somehow have decided are looking good. So maybe we get more into what real beauty is, what is real beauty? Maybe after all un-socializing and quarantines we might have a new definition of the word beautiful.


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